New heavens and a new earth [Curt Crist]

22 May

E-mail, Curt Crist. April-20-2010.

We know there was ‘an earth’ that was God’s house when Lucifer was the covering cherub. (edition 1)
When Lucifer rebelled, that earth was ‘cursed’. God’s brightness had left and darkness was upon the face of the deep. (edition 1 in a cursed condition)
Then, God revisited (didn’t dwell upon), but revisited the earth; let their be light) and prepared it for the first man. (The redemptive creation in 6 days might be considered edition 2). God had to prepare the earth for it’s human inhabitants.
After Adam’s rebellion, the earth became cursed once again. (edition 2 in a cursed condition)
Not the same as the first judgment with Lucifer’s rebellion, but in a cursed state nonetheless. Thorns and thistles, along with an animal kingdom that became carnivorous. Man had to toil to make the earth produce. A food ‘chain’ now necessary.
During the millennium, the curse will be partially lifted on the earth (edition 2, in a renewed fashion). The animal kingdom and the human creation will once again live in harmony. The extent of this renovation we’re not really told.
Then, after the millennium, there will be new heavens and a new earth (edition 3). One thing we’re told about the new earth is that will be no more sea. (Of course, the inhabitants with new spiritual bodies will not need water for survival as we need now). There will also be no more need of the sun, the moon, or the stars for light, because the God of the universe will light it. The same will be true in the millennium according to scripture as the Lamb will be the light of the New Jerusalem (Israel’s inhabitance). It’s my ‘opinion’ that the earth (3rd edition) will be like the earth (1st edition), but I couldn’t prove that by any means.
There’s so much we can only speculate about because the Bible doesn’t fill in ALL the blanks. In the previous (redemptive) creation, God refashioned the earth to sustain man. That earth was ‘divinely altered’ by Adam’s rebellion. It will be divinely renewed for the millennium. (Same earth but God will do the altering)
The new heavens and the new earth, I believe, will be ‘the same earth’, but in a much different form. God will divinely alter the elements, but it will still be called ‘earth’.

E-mail, Curt Crist. October-14-2010:

The expression ‘from the foundation of the world’ is only used in connection with God’s
program with Israel. That makes sense, in that Israel’s was ‘an earthly program’ and God’s
refashioning of the earth’ was done so that God could ‘repossess it’. Remember, God had
dwelt upon ‘earth’ prior to the refashioning of the earth in Genesis 1. The earth had been
God’s throne room. (See the lesson #108 ‘Why Two Programs’). Since God has given the territory of
his original throne room (Eden) to Israel, it only stands to reason that the statement ‘From the
foundation of the world’ would be used in connection with the earthly program. However,
before the foundation of the world, God had ‘the Body of Christ’ (His heavenly program with
those who have a heavenly citizenship) in mind. Thus, the expression ‘before the foundation
of the world’ in light of the mystery revealed to and through the new apostle, Paul.

E-mail, Curt Crist. April-20-2010.

The Bible talks about a new heavens and a new earth. Even though this is to be the case,
Israel has been promised the earth ‘forever’. Therefore, I believe they will still enjoy a
citizen on the earth (albeit the new earth) when that new earth is established. When the earth
that is to come (the new earth) is established, I believe it will be like the earth that was prior to
Lucifer’s rebellion. In otherwords, I do not believe it will be like the earth during Adam’s day
(an earth that had been refashioned from the earth Lucifer was on), but the earth as it was when
Lucifer was actually performing in his role as the ‘anointed cherub that covereth’. How beautiful and
magnificent was that first earth? We can only imagine. The curse will be partially lifted when the
millennial reign comes into effect. What will it be like when it is is entirely refashioned? Will there
be an animal creation? There will certainly be an animal creation during the millennium.
But, what about for the ‘new earth’? Will that animal creation be able to communicate with man?
Who knows the answer to all these things? We can only speculate. But aren’t they interesting
things to ponder?


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