Bible softwares

19 Jun


E-sword is a free Bible software for Windows.

Download link:

If you need help getting started:

Short cuts I use a lot:
CTRL+S: Opens the search window.
CTRL+F: Search your notes.
CTRL+SHIFT+V: Copy and pastes the highlighted verses directly to the “Editors” section: journal notes, study notes or topic notes.
Copy verses: Change the format/looks of the verses. There’s no short cut for this, but you can access it 2 different ways: 1) See the picture below. 2) High light a verse or verses, right click it, click “copy verses”.


MiniBiblePost! is a free Bible software for Windows and MAC.

“MiniBiblePost! This is the fastest verse posting program around. One click does it! No copying and pasting, dragging and dropping. Simply select book, chapter and verse, then place your cursor in the text area you want the verse to go, right click and paste. Done deal. It works in any program you can paste text into.”

Download link: MiniBiblePost! (


StudyPost! is a free Bible application for Windows and MAC.StudyPost!

“Like MiniBiblePost! Same superfast one click operation, small program window in your desktop. No clutter. StudyPost! has a number of added features and is for the more serious bible student. Create verse lists of your own bible studies. They store withing the program, retreived at one click. Also has powerful search feature to find any phrase or word in the King James Bible.”

Download link: StudyPost! (

Have fun!



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